Advertising Platform

About AMW

AdsMyWay is a self serve Advertising and Publishing platform. We provide a platform that offers both the advertiser and publishers modules.

Our focus is powering innovation and creativity in the market place by providing businesses and advertisers a platform to reach audiences with value rich, creative ads that drives sales and revenue. We provide the platform to power innovations from creative minds, inventing and innovating new technologies products and services across Africa.

AMW seeks to help young creative minds upscale their innovations rapidly to reach large audience in a way that attracts investors and makes investing in the technology space in Africa attractive prospects.

For the young and creative minds across Africa AMW is the platform to power innovation. We Power Innovation and Turn Creativity to Profit

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The Ad Agency Feature

Ad Agencies can register as Master Agents with tools to manage client's accounts and advertising agents. Upon registration you are issued a Master Agency code.

Managing Clients Accounts

Easy registration process

Manage unlimited number of clients

Manage Client Accounts:

  1. Register clients
  2. Process Ads for clients
  3. Process payments on clients account
  4. Manage campaign for clients
  5. Generate performance reports and advertising reports.

Managing Advertising Agents

Manage unlimited number of advertising agents

Provide Agent's with tools to register and manage customer accounts.

Generate performance reports for your agents

Agents ID is automatically generated, suspend or activate agent accounts

Clients can register with Agents code

Agents can generate account performance reports

AdsMyWay provides easy to use tools to:

Create Ads - create and upload to account

Manage Ads - manager Ads in account

Create Campaigns - Create campaign and schedules

Manage Campaigns - Start, Suspend or Stop campaign any time

Manage Budgets - Add, reduce increase or end scheduled campaign budget

View and download Reports

Managing Campaigns

Campaigns can be programmed to run daily or weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Turn a campaign on or off at a moment's notice making budget and campaign management flexible, easy and convenient.

Run Ads on Mobile Apps, Web sites and Games

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting gives you community level targeting by your audience by Country, State City or LGA

Micro Targeting

Reach audience and run your ads on specific days of week and specific time of day


Target your audience by their social interests, know who to reach and why you want to reach them based on their interest. Reach users searching for similar service or product.

Social Targeting


  Reach your audience by gender, Male or Female,

Marital Status:

   Married or Single for parents or students


   Know your households: single or multi-parent households.


   Reach audience by income

Other Features:

AdsMyway will send you notification when your campaign has used 80% of its budget or your Ads are not going out because of Ads with higher bids