Advertising Platform

Mobile Ads

Example of standard banner ads with desing and call-to-action messaging
The 320x50 or 300x50 pixels banner ads; static or animated is usually positioned at top or bottom of the App screen (below or above content). It is the most ppular advertising format to date. Banner ads are very simple bth to create and display. You Banner design should deliver a subtle eye-catching content but not too distracting from theusers app experience
Interstitial Ads
Create Interesting Interstitial AD for best result. Examples of Interstitial Ads:

(1) video interstitial (or videostitial) best for branding,

(2) Include a image hotspots to show product info when taps on it,

(3) Add a image slider to your design so it will enable users to compare effects of the featured product

320x480 Interstitial ads are visuals display that cover the entire mobile screen. This is generalley the most popular size as it allows for more context, stronger call-to-action, and more creative with graphics and videos, store locator etc. This allows he user to more engaged with your Ad.

Here are the interstitial Ad design size you can create.
Interstitial Ads are usually displayed during transition between content on the app, appears at crucial moments during navigation, like the opening, browsing between pages, or in between games. It requires user action: typically click a button to close the ad or swipe to navigate to the desired content.
Expandable Ads
Above is example of an expandable banner Ad expanding into rich medias like video, photo gallery, and social feeds once user click on it.

Ad usually starts with 320x50 or 300x50 pixels banner and expands in size usually at 320x480 pixels following a tap by the user

Most users prefer a full screen expanded Ad on their app than being led to a website
Video and Games Ads
Examples of Video Ads and sizes
(1)Autoplay video,
(2) Square framed video,
(3) Verticle video with an image overlay.

A typical video ad runs 15- or 30-second when user tap to play. As mobile becoming the dominant ad channels, advertisers are devoting more ad spends on video.
Native Ads
Native Ads are embedded in the content of the publisher making the Ads seems part of the content. It is consodered one of the mst effective type of mobile Ad as the user consider it a "new" part of the content they are engaged withh. It is less intrusive to the user therefore considered highly effective. Native Ads are generally served with user centric content.

Example: A user searching for or reading content abut automobile will generally be served with native Ads related to automotive making the Ads fit into the user's content.